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Everyone knows his music.

Everyone knows his name.

But what about the story behind it?

Child prodigy. Musical rebel.

Saving Mozart sheds light on one of the world’s greatest composers and his battle for artistic freedom in a privileged society that demanded him to know his place.

Welcome to an inspiring true story of resilience, hope and always believing in yourself - and one day the world will as well.

Influenced by his gifted older sister, the original Mozart prodigy, Nannerl...

Pushed to breaking point by his tiger dad, Leopold.

Rebranded by his talented singer and impressario wife, Constanze...

Ostracized by Vienna’s elite for his revolutionary compositions and country roots.

Saving Mozart explores the people and places that shaped the short but astonishing life of Wolfgang Amade Mozart.



Stream the Saving Mozart Concept Album

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2021 Concept album cast



"The often grandiose music summons a rich tapestry of colourful gowns and ballrooms crowded with paintings in our minds. Yet, it's impossible to ignore

the vivid pop vein that runs through the whole piece and makes it fun and grounded...Saving Mozart only needs a stage now".


"Charli Eglinton shines the light on the lesser-known story of the women in Mozart’s life and how they sought to protect him...We will be eagerly watching her new projects and continued development in what is sure to be a remarkable career."  

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