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Isaac Newton discovered gravity, right?


What if Newton plagiarised someone else’s work and then destroyed all the evidence?

Enter Robert Hooke…a formidable polymath whose discoveries, inventions and theories changed the world forever, but history forgot him and credited all his work to other people...

This musical journeys from his arrival at Oxford university, where he meets all his to-be peers, through to them forming a Royal Society where Hooke is made curator of experiments, through to Hooke rebuilding London after the great fire, through to encountering Newton, sparking a bitter rivalry between them both until Newton finally outdoes Hooke by explaining gravity mathematically (but using all the ideas Hooke had come up with).

Then, when Hooke dies, Newton burns his only existing portrait, erasing him and his legacy for good.




The Royal Society president, Christopher Wren, challenges Robert Hooke and the up-and-coming Edmund Halley to prove inverse square law in just 2 months. Halley hands the task over to Isaac Newton (as a far better mathematician).

Hooke and Newton then rush to get to the answer, Hooke complacent and unaware he’s actually racing against Newton. He eventually gives up while Newton obsessively powers on, fuelled by all the years of Hooke belittling him and the knowledge that he is the far greater mathematician.
Just before time runs out, Newton

reaches an answer.


Told that Robert Hooke has only days to live due to ill-health, Newton, alone and restless in the Royal Society, suddenly suffers a moral crisis.

Does he tell the truth about who really discovered gravity and destroy his own reputation forever...or keep the secret and erase Hooke instead?

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