Jaded hitman Hal is diagnosed with a cardiac tumour and given only

12 days to live -  predicted to die on Christmas day. Rather than wait,

Hal attempts suicide on the Millennium bridge but is diverted when he

sees a young man about to do the same thing. 

The boy calls himself Tanner and claims to be a 2,000 year old guardian angel, stripped of his wings for deliberately allowing his client to die.  

That client was Hal’s last hit.

The opening number 'Falling' sees Hal, diagnosed with just 12 days to live, head to commit suicide on the Millennium Bridge.

Separately, Tanner, a guardian angel just fallen to earth, heads to the bridge for the same reason. Hal spots Tanner just in time, before they both jump.

12 Days began in 2019 as an original screenplay which won Best Screenplay at the 2020 London Independent Film Festival. 


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