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Off the Western Coast of Ireland,

beyond the mist and the sea,

stands an island lost to legend,

home to the last Irish monarchy...

Aedan Cara is the last princess of Ireland, living carefree with her people on the long forgotten, Crodhearg Island. Until one day, an English frigate breaks through the mist and lays anchor... 

Aedan’s world is soon turned upside down as the English kill her father, take over her island and hunt her down, to banish the last of the Irish monarchy for good.

With the responsibility of saving her people suddenly thrust into her hands, Aedan embarks

on a quest to the Celtic Otherworld in search of the mythical Sword of Light, said to help rescue the island in times of great danger.

But she soon learns, the real power lies not in a myth, but in herself and her people.

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